I’m not a corndog guy but I see a lot of people chewing on them at the Twin Falls County Fair.  When I was a boy we once had cotton candy at a fair.  My mother bought us each a spool.  She then regretted the decision.  Three children in tow with candy all over their fingers and faces.  It wasn’t a pretty sight.

It may have also been the last time I ate cotton candy!

I’m not a funnel cake guy.  Burgers and fries are fine.

When I was a young reporter I would spend nearly two weeks assigned to a state fair.  Naturally, I didn’t pack a lunch and carry it around in the heat.  There were even days I was asked to work up stories about the variety of available delicacies.

I liked salt potatoes, roasted corn, butterfly fries, bloomin’ onions and pizza.  Especially thick and gooey slices of pizza I would but at the same trailer, year after year.

Oh, and also I was introduced to souvlaki and gyro.

There was cold whole milk I could buy for next to nothing in the dairy barn and one year a long trailer with a SPAM logo was passing out free samples.  More than once I got in line.

I’m not a funnel cake guy.  Burgers and fries are fine.

Not once have I ever ordered a salad at a fair.  The lettuce is for the animals in the barns.  It’s a fair, after all.  It’s not about roughage.

Oh, and ice cream, although.  As my mother learned 50 years ago, be careful on some of these.  At a Scottish festival I made the mistake of buying a cone for a 4-year-old.  She ended up with melted ice cream from fingers to shoulder.

Bring along a backpack.  With wipes.  And aspirin for Mom and Dad.

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