It's been almost a year since we've had to deal with this. But, there are concerns being voiced by law enforcement that the movie release of the remake of Stephen King's "IT" will bring with it new creepy clown sightings.

We had multiple creepy clown sightings and threats in Southern Idaho last September. As of right now, it's the state police in Pennsylvania that are issuing the warnings.

The hype surrounding the remake of "IT" adds to the likelihood that we'll deal with creepy clown sightings again. Some of the news surrounding this movie are silly with clowns complaining it will hurt their business. But, there's a more sinister side of this that is causing concerns among law enforcement. This movie reboot allegedly shows gruesome violence against kids.

Hopefully all of this comes and goes with no problems. But, remember that even if you see a creepy clown, you still aren't allowed to harm them.

"IT" is set to open in theaters on September 8.

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