What the heck is momentum in politics?  Are candidates rolling downhill and knocking over anyone in their paths?  From heretofore the following words and phrases should be banned from American political reporting:

NATO Foreign Ministers Informal Meeting
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“He/She has momentum!”

“What’s the mood there?”

“The front-runner”

“Campaign trail”

“Bi-partisan support”

“Conventional wisdom”


You would think with the vast media enterprises now represented by old and new forms of communication somehow someone could come up with a few alternatives.

Modern reporters are either too busy or too lazy to come up with something other than old clichés.  Too busy really isn’t an excuse for not thinking about how your writing could be different than the rest of the pack.  Ultimately I believe what this is really all about is building an early narrative in order to make work easier because they believe you’re too stupid to understand otherwise.  By the way, it’s also an easy way to direct you to the candidate of their choosing.  “Vote for the liberal,” probably is the best summation of the pack-mentality.

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