As states take a look at passing so called "birther bills",  talk show host Laurie Roth asks a good question, "Where's the President's?....

"As a curious,  national talk radio host,  I have wondered where the real journalists are who will dig to China for the truth regardless of political party,  race or popularity.  Is it not curious that Obama has spent nearly 2 million dollars on attorney fees to hide all his records,  birth certificate,  passport and College? Is it also a bit strange that all this time a long form birth certificate from Hawaii has never been exposed or seen?  Does it not cause any of you ‘non conspiracy’  genius types to question,  when there is an affidavit signed by Obama’s step Grandmother and Bishops saying he was born in Mombasa Kenya?  Members of Kenyan parliament have even said he was born in Kenya.  The former ambassador to Kenya said on a US radio show that he was also born there.  Check out the affidavits and fact trails yourself at" Read More Here.

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