Over the last several years there have been counties in Oregon that are trying to join Idaho. As of right now there are 5 counties that want to leave Oregon and become part of Idaho, creating "Greater Idaho". Would you support it?

Greater Idaho map

I mean I can't blame them for wanting to join Idaho. It is a great place to live and Oregon has the reputation of being kind of weird. I have never lived in Oregon so I am not sure how strange it is but I do know Idaho is great. If parts of Oregon were to be adopted as part of Idaho there are some steps that need to happen. Idaho legislators would have to agree, Oregon legislators would have to agree and the United States Congress would have to be ok with it. If it was a vote for you, would you agree?

For me I think I would say sure, they obviously like the way we do things and want to join one of the best states in the country. I can't blame them. As long as they don't go trying to change how things are here I don't see the problem. Plus it would add more land to explore. I am just not sure what it would mean for voting in Idaho, with the population increase. Those are all things that would require a little more research on my part.

But taking away all the possibilities of what it could mean, just adding them, would you agree?

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