TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Residents of Twin Falls who use pressurized irrigation will have water by Monday of next week. The city of Twin Falls announced the system will be charged with water by April 13, for all who are connected to the system that use it mainly for watering lawns.

The city recommends users to check their system before water begins flowing by looking at their sprinkler filters for buildup and lines for any breaks or damage. Most residents who winterized their systems will need to open a valve, usually by the curb, to get the water flowing. The city will post the status of the pressure irrigation system for particular subdivisions, which you can find HERE.

The city is also asking users to go by a water schedule so the system isn't overwhelmed. The system can shut down pumps in particular areas if demand is high and depletes water faster than the canal system can provide. The city recommends residents use a 24-hour watering schedule on designated watering days, which can be found HERE.

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