The City of Twin Falls has made the announcement that the Twin Falls Canal Company will cut back all water shares for pressurized irrigation in the city of Twin Falls. If you have pressurized irrigation it will likely effect you during higher demand times.

According to the city, the water share of pressurized irrigation will go from 3/4 to 5/8 as of Monday July 6th. This is due to the drought that the area has been facing this year. If you have pressurized irrigation they suggest that you run your water at times where there is less demand. You will be able to follow your neighborhood water demand by clicking here. If you are having little to no water pressure chances are there is a higher demand for water in your area at those times.

The City of Twin Falls said in their news release that reducing the pressure is to try to help reduce the demand on the aquifer's supply by nearly 5 million gallons per day. And just a reminder that pressurized irrigation water is not safe to drink because it is not treated and it comes from open canals. I wouldn't want to drink from a canal period so don't drink the water.

You can get more information about the reduction of pressurized irrigation by going to the city website and clicking here.

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