There are a lot of Christmas songs about snow and the desire to have snow on Christmas day. Even if you hate the snow, you probably wouldn’t mind a little snowfall on Christmas as long as it melted by the afternoon.

Statistically, there are portions of Idaho that get more snow than other places and some are more likely than others to have snowfall on Christmas Day. 1 city in Idaho is among the most likely in the entire United States to have new snow on Christmas Day, and it isn’t Sun Valley.

This Idaho City Has a 66 Percent Chance of a White Christmas

The city in Idaho that is most likely to have a white Christmas is Boise. In fact, Boise is listed as the second most likely major city in the Western US to have snow on Christmas. Salt Lake City, no real surprise, is the number 1 most likely.

The study done by OLBG (a sports betting community website) looked at major cities in the United States, but there are some smaller cities that have snow in the long-range forecast too.

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In Southern Idaho, other than Boise, Idaho Falls was listed by USA Today as a top 10 destination with an 80 percent likelihood of snow on Christmas.

Credit Bill Colley.
Credit Bill Colley.

Christmas Day is now included in the 10-day forecast for Idaho cities and it doesn’t look good for most of Southern Idaho:

  • Twin Falls: No snow in the forecast until December 27th.
  • Pocatello: No snow in the Christmas forecast, but a chance for morning snow on the 23rd and the 27th in the evening.
  • Stanley: No snow in the forecast until the evening of Christmas, then more snow is possible on the 27th and 28th.
  • Sun Valley: Morning snow is predicted on Christmas Day.
  • Boise: Morning snow is predicted on Christmas Day.

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