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Ever play the computer game Civilization?  It was introduced to me 25 years ago.  What I recall is that no matter how you tried to improve your community there always was fallout or unforeseen consequences.  Aren’t we learning that painful lesson when it comes to the so-called green energy revolution?

For every story I read from some granola-gobbling lefty celebrating a half-percent improvement in charging capacity, I see stories about how it’s all a false front.  Check out the latest at this link.  In other words, where do you think electricity comes from?  Mice running on wheels?

A few days ago I came across this link.  It offers the truth.  Promoting green energy is a bit like wetting yourself.  You get a warm feeling and then a mess to clean up.  Politicians who decide to ride the green movement for personal gain are quick to change direction when the public clamors for cheap energy.  That means they don’t believe in what they’re selling.  They’re wetting an index finger and sticking it up in the air.

I’m telling you that your neighbors in the MAGA movement long ago figured this out.  Liberals are just slower on the uptake.

I remember 30 years ago reading a lengthy piece in the New York Times Week in Review.  The writer claimed domesticated dogs were the morons of the canine world.  Once we teach Democrats to shake and roll over, maybe we can work on the more complex issues.

However, there’s always the possibility they’ll stumble across the truth on their own.  A cold and hungry liberal living in constant blackouts is going to be a quick recruit for conservatives.

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