I wanted to share a clarification from Idaho Power.  First, let's make it clear the people planning the wind project aren't related to Idaho Power.  As utilities go, Idaho Power is a benign institution.  I can say that as someone who has been a customer of many power companies across the country.  This one is possibly the most customer attuned, aside from cooperatives, I've ever encountered.  This is a portion of a message I received from spokesman Brad Bowlin.

I need to correct something in an article you posted regarding the proposed Lava Ridge Wind Farm.

 The article published yesterday (Feb. 6), said “Public radio reported last week that the builders have agreed to share some of the electricity with Idaho Power.”

The article referenced actually said Lava Ridge was making power available to Idaho electric utilities of which Idaho Power is just one. Additionally, the article said (citing me) “Idaho Power emphasized that it’s not involved with Lava Ridge and doesn’t have a contract to buy energy from the project.”

Our utilities are often subject to a lot of political whims as well, but our neighbors are envious of our rates.


I predict the announcement will come in a matter of days.  There will be what are called compromises to better make it go down easier with opponents.  The Bureau of Land Management will promise shorter towers for less interference with air traffic.  The towers won’t ruin the hallowed scenery around the Minidoka Internment Camp (Hunt Camp).  Public radio reported last week that the builders have agreed to share some of the electricity with Idaho Power.  This had been a sticking point as the proposed electricity generated was slated to be sent hundreds of miles away.

None of this will assuage the public in southern Idaho.  I’ve seen people angry over local issues, but never with the depth here.  This isn’t an endorsement, but there will be civil disobedience, and vandalism and I could see violence.  Local law enforcement will do its job, but there may be some actions that don’t have any witnesses.

I just finished a piece in the Wall Street Journal.  It’s behind a paywall, but the writer, James Freeman, cites the growing belief that wind power is a scam.  He also cites some findings by writers at Bloomberg.  In Great Britain, wind and solar are subsidized because they aren’t efficient.  In other words, power generation is at the whim of the weather.  When too much electricity is produced, the generators are told to power down.  Then subsidized for being sidelined.  All at the taxpayer’s expense.  Reporters have recently uncovered the producers have been lying about overproduction, thereby saving money by turning off the systems and still getting a check.

You don’t believe it would happen here?  The greens in government were aware of the scheme, but afraid to tell an already angry public.  Human nature is very much the same on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Things are going to get nasty.

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