It seems like we are constantly reading reports of UFO sightings. Sometimes we are lucky and the claim is accompanied by a video or photo of the incident. Unlike Bigfoot sightings, UFO sightings usually have decent visual evidence as proof. Even with that proof there is still always a debate of what we are seeing in the sky.

A few days ago Genevieve Reaume recorded a scary looking sight in the night sky over Portland, Oregon. After watching her Twitter video, I was certain I had seen that same type of thing but only in alien invasion movies. Check it out below:

Seriously, I'm sure I saw that scene in Superman: Man of Steel and in a few of the Transformers movies. It really does look like and alien invasion or the remains of an exploded space ship entering, and burning up in, Earth's atmosphere. It turns out that in this case it was pretty much the latter as explained on Twitter.

There were other videos uploaded to Twitter showing the scene. In one you can see the debris through clouds which gives it an even more ominous feel.

Do you believe the explanation of debris from a SpaceX rocket or do you believe it was something that wasn't of our world?

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