RUPERT, Idaho (KLIX)-A Rupert woman was surprised to find out she had won a hefty sum of money from a scratch game this week. Jennifer Rodriguez stopped at a gas station in Paul Monday afternoon and grabbed a few things including a $10 The Whole Shebang Scratch ticket and played it, according to the Idaho Lottery.

Rodriguez says she couldn't believe what she was seeing. When she used the Idaho Lottery mobile app to check the ticket-which told her to contact the Lottery, she thought the app wasn't working right.

Rodriguez kept the ticket for a whole day before she couldn't wait any longer to see if she had actually won a six figured prize. She was able to get time off from her employer and make the trip to the Lottery offices in Boise where sure enough, she had won $100,000.

“This is really surreal to me,” she said in a prepared statement as Lottery Officials handed her a large, oversized souvenir check of her win. “This check will work as my ‘get off work today’ note. And I did it. I won the whole shebang!”

According to the Lottery, it was the second top prize for The Whole Shebang which ends the game. The gas station that sold the ticket will also get $10,000.

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