From referendums to recalls, the debate over Idaho's public education system continues to be a hot topic. The Idaho department of education has begun to implement the new laws that made up State Superintendent of Schools Tom Luna's reform package. Luna introduced the package during this past session of the Idaho legislature. Included in the package; eliminating tenure for teachers, limiting bargaining between districts and teachers and phasing in technology devices and online classes for high school students. Last week those against the plan announced that they had garnered enough signatures to put it before voters. Luna says that he welcomes the challenge.  He says the plan shouldn't have surprised anyone, least of all those who voted him into office.  Luna says there is a lot of misinformation in the media and elsewhere regarding the plan. He says, for example, that it will be up to local school boards to implement the technology portion of the plan rather than just handing every high school student a personal laptop as some have said the plan would do.