School is back in session, students are back to class – but there are a few things the Idaho Transportation Department wants to remind parents so their kids remain safe.

The department recently prepared several papers full of safety info and tips for young people who walk to school or teenagers learning to drive.

The five “School Safety” papers are available online and include the following:

The papers garner the insight of national safety professionals, such as Sandy Spavone, executive director for National Organizations for Youth Safety, who said in one of the papers that parents should take an active role in their teen’s driving.

While parents may spend hundreds of dollars on school materials for their students, they might neglect putting money into making sure their teen’s car is road-ready.

“Parents are involved in so much of their teen’s lives, everything from grades, to sports, to who they are hanging out with,” Spavone said, “but what they don’t know is that they have the opportunity to get involved and positively influence one of the most important and dangerous activities a teen will experience – driving.”

The papers are designed to remind parents and their students about the many things that go into helping to make a safe school year. They are formatted to be printer-friendly so parents and students can keep copies handy to remind them throughout the year that "safety comes first."

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