With the arrival of spring coming on March 20, the warming weather means we are just a short time away from the abundant return of most things venomous and poisonous.

Spring officially begins this Saturday. Temperatures throughout North America will slowly start to warm over the next six to eight weeks, making conditions ideal for the return of snakes, mosquitos and bees. One such insect that began showing up in the United States last summer is the Vespa Mandarinia, or the Asian Giant Hornet.

Nicknamed the "Murder Hornet," cases of nests being found in the Pacific Northwest began to be reported in 2020. The first known solo species of this insect was discovered in late-2019 in Washington State.

A group of scientists and insect handlers came together to remove what was the early stages of a colony after more than a dozen hornets were found in August of last year. It's not exactly known when this species first made shore in the United States. These hornets are far more aggressive, with stings that can be potentially fatal for those with allergies.

These hornets are known to gather near areas where excess tree sap in present, according to data shared by earthsky.org. Like most bees, they will aggressively protect their nests if tampered with.

To reduce the risk of being targeted by these insects, wear lighter-colored clothes and avoid walking with opened cans of soda, as bees of most varieties are attracted to darker clothing and sweet scents.

A YouTube video upload from May, 2020, shows just how aggressive this variety of insect can be.

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