Ramen shortages are causing anxiety in people all across the United States. Some disgruntled customers are actually narrating personal videos regrading the lack of noodle supply and posting them to their personal social media accounts.

Unemployment, Covid-19, and staff shortages are the reason why some of you aren't able to locate your favorite flavor of ramen noodles. I recently drove to four different stores in my town in an effort to find chicken-flavored ramen noodles. I struck out at every stop.

Have you seen how much packs of ramen are going for online these days? It's nuts, and it's causing many people to stress out. Ramen is popular for two reasons. It's cheap (or it was), and it's easy to make.

Social media sites are exploding with people venting over empty ramen shelves. There's the guy on Reddit who is fuming over the rise in cost of the popular, low-calorie staple. There's Justin on Twitter wondering why more people aren't talking about the noodle scarcity. He's a BIG soy-flavored fan if you can't tell.

A woman shopping at a south Idaho Walmart posted a recent video after her browsing experience was halted due to an inadequacy in ramen. I get it, and I too have had a minor meltdown while trying to locate that most beloved meal held together by biofilm that requires only heated water to prepare.

I've asked Santa Claus for a 20-pack of chicken-flavored ramen. We'll see if he can deliver.

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