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Boise and Pocatello have zoos but Idaho Falls has the brass monkey.  When I came into work Monday morning I checked temperatures across the state.  Idaho Falls was at 23 below zero at 3:00 o’clock.  That wasn’t the wind chill.  That was standing air temperature.  Later in the morning, a friend from Pocatello wrote me and said he had 13 below.  They can keep it!

Cold weather does strange things to people.  Some have become so psychologically scarred that they even moved to California, please, please.  Don’t let your friends make that mistake.  You can tell them things will get better by June and that there’s always mental health counseling available.

I’ve heard stories about cold weather causing baby booms.  I was born in October.  I don’t know if the weather during the previous February had anything at all with my scheduled arrival.  I should also note my brother was a February birth.  My daughter was born in the dead of winter and I drove her home from the hospital on an afternoon when it was a balmy 3 degrees.  It was also snowing to beat the band and I had a steep hill to negotiate.  Now that’s stressful!

I’ve been to Idaho Falls every season.  It’s a lovely place but in winter God has forsaken it.  I walked out of a hotel one December morning and it was 30 degrees colder than Twin Falls on the very same morning.  If cold builds character, then our neighbors in east Idaho have it in spades.

All I can say is that it’s a nice place to visit (in summer) but that I’m glad I didn’t have to drive to work there on Monday morning.

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