Southern Idaho is full of history. I mean, half the state has some kind of tribute to Lewis and Clark and the Oregon Trial. Some of the most historical places you can visit are right here in the Magic Valley and around us.


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    Minidoka Internment Camps

    The Minidoka National Historic Site was a site where Japanese Americans were housed after the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941. 13 thousand were held here between 1942 and 1945. You can see the houses and read all about it while you're there.

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    The City of Rocks

    Going through the City of Rocks you can actually read dates and names of pioneers and settlers who walked through the area. It is incredible to see some of the places that these people used for shelter.

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    Chinese Settlements

    The Chinese placer gold mining site on the Snake River in Twin Falls was created during the gold rush. The Chinese gold miners were there between 1871 and 1880

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    The Oregon Trail

    You can actually still see the wagon ruts in certain areas of the Magic Valley where pioneers traveled through the area.

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    Shoshone Ice Caves

    The cave is cold year round. It was used back in the day for shelter, for preserving food and more. It is 100 feet below the surface where there is ice and volcanic debris.

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    Fossil Beds in Hagerman

    The Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument is so interesting. There are over 200 different fossils of plans and animals. There are even fossils of saber-toothed tigers and mastodons! Ruts can also be seen through here from the Oregon Trail.

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    The Osmund House

    The mother of Donnie and Marie Osmund grew up in Idaho and you can visit her old log cabin. Olive Osmund lived in the cabin in Malad City.

  • 8

    Gooding Tuberculosis Hospital

    The old TB Hospital is now a place where people go to ghost hunt. I am not sure how many people actually died in this hospital but it has gotten attention from ghost hunters all over the country.

  • 9

    Rock Creek Store

    The Rock Creek Store was built in 1865 and was the largest stage stop between Fort Hall and Fort Boise.

  • 10

    Albion Mansions/ Campus

    Now considered the Haunted Mansions of Albion there is so much history in these incredible buildings. Definitely a place to visit if you enjoy architecture and a bit of eeriness.

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