You've probably noticed when driving that it doesn't take much of a road tilt to feel like you are going to tip over. The guy in this video didn't get that memo and actually seems to defy gravity driving his Jeep up the side of a cliff. Check out the video and see for yourself.

Many Idaho residents are quick to point out that the Jeep has Idaho state plates which makes the video even more cool for us. I actually have a Jeep and there is no way mine (partially due to my lack of skill as a driver) could Spider Man up a wall. I'd be more like a turtle and tip over backwards. Honestly, how would you feel if you were in this Jeep on the way up? I'd be freaking out! But, I am also certain the joy when they made it to the top was also pretty extraordinary. Well done Jeep driver and way to represent Idaho.

Do you know where this video was taken or even who the driver is?