The state of Idaho currently has just one female death row inmate. She was sentenced for arson, and three counts of first degree murder, in 1993.

Robin Lee Row was found guilty a quarter century ago in the arson deaths of her husband and two children, according to her Idaho Department of Correction file. Lee, a Boise native, intentionally caused an apartment fire that claimed all three lives with the hopes of collecting $250,000.

Lee was found guilty, and began her term, in December of 1993. According to, it costs approximately $30,000 to house an Idaho inmate per year. To put this in perspective, since the current nine Idaho death row inmates began serving their sentences, it has amounted to 188 years of confinement, at a state cost of $5.6 million.

Lee last failed an appeal hearing in 2011, and is currently awaiting lethal injection at the Women's Correctional Facility in Pocatello. The exact date of Lee's execution is not known.

Since 1864, Idaho has followed through with 29 executions, according to the state's death penalty information site.

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