It's no secret that one of the main purposes of the internet is to look at adorable pictures and videos of pets. I'd be lying if I said I don't watch videos of adorable and silly pets. It's actually a stress reliever in my house. We'll all gather around the TV at night and watch animal videos.

Tater Wins Pet Photo Contest And The Internet

We wrapped up the voting on our Halloween Pet Photo Contest at the beginning of this week, and after all the picture submissions and voting the winner was crowned. That crown went to Tater, a stinkin' cute Corgi puppy wearing a set of red horns and black veil for his Halloween costume.

attachment-VOTE Tater is Tuckered Out

While that picture of the cute pooch is great, he's loaded the internet with even more cuteness on his Instagram page. There you can see him chilling, playing, and being adorable. Look for him at t.a.t.e.r_tales.

That little pupper has 'mischievous' written all over his face:

He also has 'adorable' written all over his face:

Tater is working on his modeling career:

Tater gets tuckered out after playtime...and still looks adorbz:

Puppy Tater has some of the cutest floppy ears on the planet:

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