Need some legal advice?

The evening of Thursday, August 12, 2021, you’ve got an opportunity to speak to some legal minds.  I received this message this morning with the details:

The Liberty Council provides legal counsel, pro bono, for people that are facing vaccine mandates as a condition of employment.  The website is  They’re sponsoring a conference call tonight at 7 PM (this may be Eastern Time) and will answer questions.  The number is 515-604-9860.


The access code is:  862343#


So, you have an opportunity to speak to some great legal minds about your options.  The words pro bono mean the lawyers aren’t charging you for representation.  We’re just a couple of weeks away from possibly hundreds of healthcare workers losing their jobs because they refuse the coronavirus vaccine.  These hospitals are already shorts staffed.

A radio host in Atlanta is suggesting a compromise.  You can skip the vaccine but if you test positive for COVID you’ll lose personal and vacation time until you can return to work.  If you do get vaccinated and then get a positive test, you won’t lose the PTO and vacation time while you recuperate.

You may also succeed in arguing religious exemption.  Judge Andrew Napolitano has said if you claim refusal on religious grounds, the burden isn’t yours.  In other words, your employer must take your word.  You won’t need a note from your pastor attesting he sees you every Sunday morning.  Keep in mind, the Judge is offering an opinion.  Some courts could potentially see this otherwise.

If nothing else, tonight’s meeting should answer many of your questions and I wish you well in the name of liberty.

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