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I believe most people in this state have a live-and-let-live attitude.  I hear a lot of conservative thoughts from a right-leaning radio audience.  Much of it is layered with a strong dose of libertarianism.  Some of the people in my social circle don't like government edicts on how to conduct their day-to-day existence.  That was especially on display during Lockdown Spring three years ago.

A friend sent me a picture from St. Luke's Hospital in Twin Falls.  A rainbow flag is flying outside.  Does it bother me?  Not in the sense that if I'm having a stroke I'll refuse to go to the emergency room.  And of the skilled staff are all of another sexual persuasion, I won't complain if they save my life.  I'll thank them.  Partly to my point, I don't care who my doctor sleeps with as long as he or she has some skill with medicine.

Now if you want everyone who ever experienced an insult in life to feel part of the community, we don't have enough months and days on the calendar to fly all the flags you'll need.

I had two good friends in third grade.  One was left-handed and the other today is married to another man.  The left-handed guy took constant grief from our teacher because there was ink smudged on his papers.  He wasn't mentally harmed by her badgering.  Today, both men are highly successful.  The criticism I have is that both cuss and drink too much when watching football.

I read a few stories in the last few weeks blaming conservative boycotts for harming woke businesses.  I know of no organized boycotts.  Maybe people are simply fed up with the constant noise from the left.  Life is challenging and finite.  Most people simply spend all their time struggling with those two issues.

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