He’s not hopeful an appeal will help him.  I spoke with Ammon Bundy about the judgment issued against him by a court in Ada County.  He and a friend are facing a penalty of over 50 million dollars.  There’s simply no way they can ever pay off such a debt, and it would leave them impoverished for the rest of their lives.  Bundy doesn’t believe he would get a fair shake on appeal.  His friend, Pastor Diego Rodriguez hasn’t exactly become materially wealthy preaching.

They didn’t show up for the case.  It stems from a protest they held outside a St. Luke’s Medical Center facility in the Treasure Valley.  A grandson of Pastor Rodriguez had been seized by Child Protective Services on a neglect allegation.  A judge later ordered the child to return home.  This is a state where faith healing is legal, and by the way, the baby was being treated with more than prayer.

What this does is great silence Bundy as a political activist.  One-half of the court award is described as punitive.  Some very powerful people in Idaho want Bundy silenced.

Why you may not approve of his approach, he may be the bravest man I’ve ever met and he’s honest.

Ask yourself a question.  How long would it take to tame the deep state (nationally and in Idaho) without civil disobedience?

Bundy spoke with me on Magic Valley This Morning.  On Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX.  You can listen to an explanation of the case he posted to Facebook at the top of this page.

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