I marvel at the videos from Idaho Fish and Game.  You don’t need to be a hunter.  You don’t need to be a fisherman.  You can sit back and just look at the scenery.  A new video released by the agency tracks the anticipation of and then climax of a successful hunt.  A first time hunt for the participants.

This is visual storytelling and it doesn’t even need words.

You may be a bit squeamish about seeing dead game.  I’m not.  I grew up in a part of the country where it was common and you also knew it’s what made it to your table.  Hunting is as old as humanity.  It’s also about self-reliance and challenges people in ways you won’t find in front of the TV set at home.

This newest video is titled:  The Maiden Hunt:  Gretchen and Henry.

The video is eight minutes and some change.  I watched it on my phone and then a second time on a larger screen.  So as to take in the beauty of Idaho’s unique topography.  All four seasons offer stunning views and a skilled photographer can enhance the experience.  You’ll see some wide shots and then you’ll see tight close ups of boots crunching snow.  This is visual storytelling and it doesn’t even need words.

I’m a bit too old and terribly nearsighted and have no plans to take up hunting.  I’m all for the young getting involved.  Had I came to Idea at 22 instead of 52, I would’ve made some other choices and gotten the experience you see in this video.  Fish and Game survives on licensing fees.  We need to replace retiring hunters with the younger sportsmen for many reasons.  For population control of wildlife, for the future of Idaho Fish and game and for your dinner table.  You can see the video below:

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