GLENNS FERRY, Idaho (KLIX) Two Idaho fishermen got what they were looking for on a recent fishing trip and caught it on camera. Bryce Thompson, who lives in Twin Falls, had quite the experience his first time fishing sturgeon from a kayak on Saturday near Glenns Ferry on the Snake River. Thompson, who is originally from Wendell, says he has fished for sturgeon before from the shore, but wanted to try it from a kayak. He says Steve Carroll, of the Treasure Valley, help set up the trip and brought down a couple of fishing kayaks. In a video posted to by Carroll, you see Thompson fighting with something on the other end of his fishing line. Eventually, a large sturgeon breaches the water right in front of Thompson's kayak, surprising him: "I wasn't ready for it," he said. Thompson says it isn't uncommon for a sturgeon to come out of the water like that, but he didn't expect it to be so close. He says it took more than an hour to eventually reel the ancient fish in. The pair never took it out of the water and measured it at eight feet before releasing it, which is required by law. Thompson says the fish was just a little shorter than his biggest catch at eight feet four inches. See the the catch below in the video:

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