When I was a young guy, I saw a man and a woman that I knew side-by-side at a ballgame.  I told a buddy I didn’t know they were a couple.  He replied they weren’t.  They were half-siblings, he explained.  I had assumed because they had different last names.

People get upset with me when I say they’ve got no evidence illegal aliens are being dropped off in the Magic Valley.  It may be happening, but the people getting off buses that you see don’t have a label on their clothes telling you they sneaked across a border.

I’ve been hearing stories about a Mexican-based bus line dropping off people in Twin Falls.  The line has terminals throughout the American West.  I saw the bus on Sunday.  It stopped at the local terminal.  Maybe half a dozen people got off.  If I could make an assumption, it looked like they were all being greeted by friends or relatives.  Even if they’re not American citizens, people are allowed to visit the United States.

When I see pictures on TV of people being dropped off and admitting they came here illegally, the buses are always white and unmarked.  But so are a lot of touring coaches.

“We know,” isn’t much of a claim unless you have actual evidence to back up the claim.  That’s the thing, right now people are making a lot of assumptions.

The people getting off the bus Sunday could be here illegally.  Maybe they were manufactured in a lab or came to Earth from some distant galaxy.  You see, all we have is nothing, and until you have something concrete, which we don’t, it’s all a guess.

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