I’m struggling to remember our last blizzard warning.  My sister lives in a place where blizzards aren’t routine, but more common than you would think.  She wrote me Thursday night and was surprised we were under one for a couple of days.  A blizzard isn’t just about snow.  Technically, you need a combination of strong winds as well.  We may not get the combination often, but we do know wind!

Folks in the northeast were marveling this week at some gusts clocked between 70 and 80 miles per hour.  Here we call that Friday.

As I’m writing this, power outages are limited in southern Idaho, but by Saturday they could be widespread.  This is why we plan to have a special show on Saturday morning as the storm begins to wind down.  This is pending the approval of the powers in charge, but I plan to be on-air between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. on Saturday.  To hear your weather stories and provide some updates on roads, electricity, and travel.

Remember, if some places are in the dark for a few days, it’s going to get mightily cold in some homes.  We’re looking at some low temperatures at the start of next week that will be near or below zero.  Fleece blankets can only provide a limited amount of warmth.

This is a time when woodstoves, generators, and battery-operated radios are good things.  Many of our fine sponsors sell them.  You can grab a seat by the fire and listen to some updates.  Hope to speak with some of you.

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