Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Ends Run for White House
According to Fox News, Democratic Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign for the White House.
Bernie reportedly made the announcement during an all-staff call today. It's being reported that he will have a live address to supporters shortly before noontime today (4-8-20)
This w…
Virginia (Thanks to Neil Young)
Liberals and Sanders coming,
We’re finally on our own.
This summer I hear the gunshots.
Four down in Virginia.
Gotta get down to it
Lib-rals are cutting us down
Should have been shot long ago.
What if you knew him
And found him down on the field
How can you run when you know...
Bernie Sanders’ Political Colonoscopy (Opinion)
The DNC is at war with Bernie and John Kerry is at war with refrigerators.  Both were discussed today on Top Story with Bill Colley.  It appears the media darlings are doing their best to paper over the latest scandal presided over by Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz...
Trump Rolls Despite Media & GOP Attacks (Opinion)
The morning after the final major primary contests for President and I don’t see any damage done to Donald Trump.  Three of the states voting yesterday have large Latino populations and some of those people are Republicans.  With Ted Cruz and John Kasich still on ballots as…
Forecasting Presidential Nominees
The colorful Chairman of the Twin Falls County Republican Party is making some predictions.  Steve Millington is looking beyond the New York State Presidential Primary and forecasting conventions.  He also spent some time with us Tuesday morning talking about the weak opposition in Idaho&C…
Donald Trump’s Achilles’ Heel?
Donald Trump’s loss in Wisconsin is being celebrated by many fellow conservatives as his political obituary.  Hardly!  I opened today’s show and shared some of the thoughts of the chattering class and my own long range view.  With 200-thousand Democrats…
Global Warming Hype & Fraud
Climate change sceptics could find themselves subject to a new Inquisition.  One third of the state Attorneys General in the United States are planning to intimidate, prosecute and punish “climate deniers”.  While they may not be coming to your neighborhood you …
Idaho Permitless Carry Comes With a Warning
Idaho’s new concealed carry law is effective this summer but in the meantime there is a caveat.  When Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter signed the bill into law on Friday he did so with a caution.  He’s hoping legislators monitor the ch…

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