Climate change sceptics could find themselves subject to a new Inquisition.  One third of the state Attorneys General in the United States are planning to intimidate, prosecute and punish “climate deniers”.  While they may not be coming to your neighborhood you could wager they’ll be coming for sceptics who occupy positions of influence.  The immediate targets will be at the corporate and business levels.  You can also expect the dragnet to scoop up academics and even “deniers” in media.

Message from the Mountain West. Please mail me some global warming! Courtesy, Bill Colley

From my vantage point I would think the topic would be more prevalent in the Presidential campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, however.  Like Donald Trump candidate Sanders realizes the hollowing of American industry is a greater threat to our collective future.  Otherwise the Vermont socialist would be devoting far more time to sea ice melt.  That he and Clinton aren’t making it priority number one should tell us all we need to know.  The planet is hardly imperiled and, yet.  It doesn’t mean the issue won’t grow in mentions as Election Day approaches.  Democrats can’t campaign on a booming economy or having subdued the Islamic State.  With the Clinton family at the forefront the War-on-Women trope is useless.  Finally, Clinton wealth and involvement with Wall Street negates the myth of Democrats being the party of the little guy.

Now we know why the Attorneys General are making the test drive.  If it gets some mileage the nominee can get behind the wheel.

I need to also note the test drive is also being orchestrated by media as you can see at this link.  I’m also including another link which isn’t quite as alarmist and offers some actual solutions that don’t bankrupt the planet.  The latter never seems to get a fair hearing from Henny Penny!  One last thought.  On-air this morning I mentioned many of the sky-is-falling congressional crowd are quietly snapping up beachfront property on the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake.  One alarmist former liberal Senator from North Dakota chaired a banking committee.  As he neared retirement he got a sweetheart deal on a mortgage for a multi-million dollar home at Bethany Beach.  The bank later collapsed in the 2008 meltdown.  He walked away from Washington and settled on land he warned would soon be under water.  Does that sound like a man who really believed the climate change hype?