Performance Reviews For Marriages?
No marriage is perfect. Marriage is work that usually comes with great rewards. I will be the first to admit that my husband and I don't always have the smoothest conversations. So when researchers suggested that a performance review could improve my marriage I was curious.
How Do You Plan A Perfect Road Trip?
Thanks to my kids - we all know that it is not exactly enjoyable or relaxing traveling with kids. But that doesn't mean you can't try to make it nice. But it is summertime and you are probably planning some fun trip in the next few weeks, so how do you plan a perfect road trip?
Can Dimming The Lights End An Argument
Over the course of being married for 11 years, I have realized that the only way to win an argument happily with my wife is to admit defeat. But, things may soon change. According to a new study, the key to ending an argument is to dim the lights.
What Do People Fight About On Christmas Day?
In the real world Christmas isn't all candy canes and minty hot cocoa - Christmas can be a pretty stressful day! If you're like most people, you'll make it through Christmas morning just fine. It's the afternoon that brings out our inner 'I don't give and Elf' ange…
Is It OK For Boys To Play With Dolls [SURVEY]
One of my friends has 5 daughters and 1 young son. And she is worried that her boy is going to end up being a big sissy because he likes to play with his sisters - which includes dolls. Is it OK for boys to play with dolls? Or will it make them girly...
2012 Relay for Life Kicks Off in MV
Filer, Idaho (KLIX) Hundreds are set to take over the Filer Fair Grounds to fight cancer. The 2012 Relay for Life kicks off this evening at 4pm. The opening ceremonies will start later in the afternoon. According to the Relay for Life website more than seven hundred people are signed up to participa…
Murtaugh Man Charged For Hitting Another Man With Vehicle
A Murtaugh man has been charged for allegedly using his vehicle to hit another man during an argument.  According to the Times-News, 44 year old Ronald Anderson was charged with driving under the influence and aggravated battery after police say he struck  44 year old Loren Levesque with h…