George W. Bush

10 Ways You Can Enhance the Eclipse Experience
Agree to go live with a TV reporter.  Then slap your hands to your face and scream, “I’m blind!”
Tell the kids if they keep fighting you won’t turn the lights back on.
Tell everyone it’s the fault of George W. Bush.
Make a…
Commentary: Eve of Destruction & Waves of Refugees
A little more than 3-thousand years ago the Celtic tribes occupying the lands now known as Scotland and Ireland were peaceful farmers.  Then a volcano in Iceland blew its cork.  Crops failed across the Celtic range and the tribes were left with few alternatives but forage and cattle theft …
Commentary: Donald Trump & the New Political Epoch
Ronald Reagan didn’t like the role of a villain.  Late in his acting career he got the part of a nasty crime boss.  In the picture his character slaps a woman played by Angie Dickinson.  Dickinson brushed it off as part of the job but says for many years whenever she s…