I didn’t like John McCain.  It wasn’t always the case.  Over the years he became less and less a conservative Republican and he worked diligently for media approval at the cost of his own soul, I’m afraid.

McCain started looking for media approval thirty years ago in order to save his reputation and political career.

When he voted against repeal of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) my view was he did it to spite the President.  Spite isn’t an admirable quality.

When campaigning for President ten years ago McCain threw an ally under the bus.  The conservative talk host, Bill Cunningham, warmed up the crowd for the Republican nominee at an Ohio rally.  Cunningham referenced “Barack Hussein Obama”.  McCain came on stage and denounced the host because he called the Democrat by his given names.

It’s mostly forgotten now and media helped paper over the Savings and Loan Scandal of the 1980s.  McCain started looking for media approval thirty years ago in order to save his reputation and political career.  I’m reminded of one of his fellow aviators, another Cunningham.  “Duke” Cunningham turned criminal during his political career and tarnished his image as an American hero, however.

McCain and Cunningham once truly were American heroes.

It annoys me when people claim McCain sang for his North Vietnamese captors.  There simply isn’t any evidence.  Do you trust his fellow Prisoners-of-War?  They spoke highly of the man and his courage.  There are some so-called conservatives who blame McCain for the tragedy aboard the U.S.S. Forrestal.  Never mind actual film evidence of the disaster clearly shows McCain had nothing to do with the missile discharge.  Why do so many cling to these lies?  Is it because you can’t square a past hero with his later political activities?

These lies came out of the globalist Bush propaganda machine when both men were pursuing the GOP nomination for President.  It was a political hit-job and it shows us politics can be a despicable business.  By the way, when 9-11 happened, we would’ve been better off with McCain as President.

A guy told me Sunday McCain was despised by veterans.  Really?  Which ones?  A friend of mine served in both Iraq and Afghanistan while commanding a graves registration unit.  The work wasn’t easy.  My friend also explained McCain was viewed very much as a hero by the men and women in uniform.  He had done something most of us never will do and that’s put his life on the line for his country.  This is why I’ve got no respect for the blowhards who call shows like mine and repeat the calumnies against McCain’s war service because they somehow believe the ends justify the means.  Yeah, explain that one at the Pearly Gates!

One last thing since I’m discharging my mind.  President Trump isn’t happy some former associates aren’t loyal.  I’m with him, although.  What loyalty has he shown Jeff Sessions?  The Attorney General was the first big congressional name to back Mr. Trump’s campaign.  Sessions’ current office isn’t partisan.  While nominated by the President the Attorney General was confirmed by his then peers.  He isn’t a hatchet man.  Let the investigation take its course.  There won’t be any Russian collusion.  By calling out Sessions the President isn’t doing himself any favors.  He looks petty.

Funny, one of the McCain conspiracy types told me Sunday I don’t help my argument by name calling.  The guy chastising me supports the President.  Sure glad Mr. Trump never calls or has called anyone by nasty names!

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