When I return to work from vacation, Donald Trump is still going to be President.  My guess is he remains President until at least January of 2021.  My guess is, Mr. Trump is President until January 20th, 2025.

Back in 2016, he wasn’t my first choice for the Republican nomination.  He was fifth behind candidates named Perry, Paul, Jindal or Cruz.  I voted in the Idaho Presidential Primary for Ted Cruz.  He was the last Republican standing against the Trump juggernaut.

At the Idaho GOP convention in June 2016, then Republican U.S. Representative Raul Labrador joked Trump was his second choice.  The other 16 men who entered the primaries were tied for first.  Labrador, now state Republican Chairman, will be working hard next year for the President’s re-election.

Donald Trump knows the elites despise him.  He revels in their hate.

Same here!  I’m overall pleased with the direction of the country.  I reached a conclusion three years ago and it was only Donald Trump could’ve defeated Hillary Clinton.  The other choices were too conventional for a changing electorate.

Now we’re faced with breathless impeachment coverage from a mainstream media long an auxiliary for the Democrat party.  Liberals whine we aren’t being true when we won’t join the denunciation of Mr. Trump.  No, we’re united.  We’re together as Republicans more than at any time since 1984.  Ronald Reagan was a controversial figure in 1980.  As his first term was winding down he was the greatest leader of the GOP since Abraham Lincoln.

I never saw the two Bush Presidents as unifying figures.  Even after the attacks of September, 2001, George W. Bush didn’t have the support Trump now enjoys in the party.

Why, because we’re sick of the deviousness embodied in modern American journalism.  The President reminds me of a quote about General Grant from the aforementioned Lincoln.  “He fights!”

Scorched earth was needed.  Trump plays to win.  He isn’t concerned about what academics, actors and columnists think about his style.  It’s the most refreshing thing on the political scene in my lifetime.  Donald Trump knows the elites despise him.  He revels in their hate.  God bless the man and our beloved Republic.  There is a very long war ahead to reclaim America.  The man in the White House is preparing the way.

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