A little more than 3-thousand years ago the Celtic tribes occupying the lands now known as Scotland and Ireland were peaceful farmers.  Then a volcano in Iceland blew its cork.  Crops failed across the Celtic range and the tribes were left with few alternatives but forage and cattle theft and warlordism.  Within a couple of years the sky cleared and the growth sprouted but the Celts didn’t abandon the new culture of raiding.  One, it wasn’t nearly as time consuming and some were getting fabulously wealthy off their neighbor’s goods, livestock and labors.

The history crossed my mind last week as I watched the human waves from Africa and Asia crossing into Europe.  By Monday many of the most liberal-minded leaders in what used to be called Christendom suddenly realized borders were important.  There is also a realization in Germany constituents still believe in Germaness, in Holland the majority still is proud of Dutch identity and in the Balkans there are memories centuries old of invading Turkish armies and no longing for a repeat.  Problem number one is how do you stanch the flow?  Number two can only follow number one and it requires convincing the migrants and refugees to go home.  After they’ve seen what they view in relative terms as riches how can you turn them away?  At bayonet point?  Even if you succeed come next summer they’ll climb aboard rickety boats and sail again.  In comparison to the Celts of 12-hundred B.C. you now have people who’ve breathed new air and the wars, oppression and sands of where they once toiled no longer have any appeal.

Courtesy, KLIX Library

There was a liberal pundit on TV’s McLaughlin Group Friday and she blamed George W. Bush.  After all he started the war with Iraq (or finished an earlier conflict) and destabilized the Middle East.  On my side of the political equation we blame Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for encouraging revolutions, toppling allied regimes and then threatening but failing to stop Syria’s President from silencing dissent.  Mr. Assad likely had a better view of events percolating on the ground.  No one in Washington wanted to listen.

Let me offer a third case.  Across the studio from Eleanor Clift sat Pat Buchanan.  Long before Barack and Hillary and long before W. and Dick Cheney took control Mr. Buchanan warned the impoverished southern world was coming north and any remedies he suggested were denounced by elites of all parties as bigotry, ethnocentric and racist.  When the elites shouted, “Diversity makes us stronger!” he replied by asking for evidence.  There was none.  He only received additional scorn.  Now that the man is proved right he won’t get any apologies.  No one made preparations for this day or even attempted to stop the invasion.  Instead they stood by their insistence we would be better people by allowing it to happen.

Governments, economies and great nations are ready to fall.  It may not rival a volcanic eruption but it’s a cultural earthquake from which the world may not recover for decades, centuries or even millennia.  The Third World people want our wealth but mostly without any serious institutional knowledge of how it was created and how it’s maintained.  I dare day it’s virulent in nature and may kill the host.

For all the leftists who’ve been telling me it’s the right thing to do and we’re commanded to provide charity I remind them God warned his chosen people to avoid cultural pollution.  Then He came down from heaven and for a brief period trod the dirt.  Then he spoke:  “The poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me.” Matthew 26:11

We've lost our way. Courtesy, Bill Colley

Perhaps we should recognize we can’t save everyone.  And what if the cost is our loss of relationship to the Almighty?  Or did we already lose it and now are faced with consequences?



A popular song from 50 years ago & now perhaps a half-century of foreshadowing: