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I think moose are attracted to Twin Falls County Sheriff’s Deputies.  During a safety fair in the South Hills earlier this summer, a curious yearling approached deputies as they were setting up.  Deputies were packing up equipment this week and as they were getting ready for the drive home, they saw a momma and a calf.  As you can see, Mom is very protective of her offspring (deputies were at a distance).  Don’t be a touron and try and make contact.  I watched a video the other day.  It showed a moose attacking a flag on a golf course.  The flag was greatly abused.

Deputies, Fish and Game, the Bureau of Land Management, and the Forest Service have been witness to the tremendous explosion of the moose population in this part of southern Idaho.

Not that moose have much to fear from most predators, but the region is safe compared to many other parts of the state.  We don’t have wolf packs and bears.  This is a great moose habitat.

SGT Ken Mencl took the pictures.  He can’t stress enough that if you encounter one of the animals, often the size of a small truck, give them plenty of room.  Zoom lenses and binoculars are the best way to observe moose.

I have to admit I’m always on the lookout for moose when I’m in the south hills.  I have never seen any there, however.  I was on a bridge in Blaine County last March and watched a pair drinking from a river.  Quite a distance away.  They looked in my direction and then resumed quenching their thirst.

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