Hillary Clinton must be having nightmares about her school days.  Remember the brown-nose who sat up front and knew all the answers?  Not always a bad kid, but often drove everyone else nuts.  She was the girl who was also the tattle-tale because it scored even more points with the teacher.  Trouble is, these kids grow up resented and then it breeds resentment within.  I also believe Clinton has spent a lifetime presenting a false-face because she doesn’t want people to see the wheels spinning in her head as she grinds the axes for getting even with all the bad boys and girls who never accepted her.

Now, the latest health scandal and usual Clinton prevarication is giving her mental health a workout.  Does she deserve our sympathy?  Did Richard Nixon?  It was our topic in hour number one today of Top Story.  In the second segment, I was joined by Twin Falls County Republican Party Chairman Steve Millington.  Videos are below.

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