NPR has compiled the most common job in each state for the past 40 years. Many states have had that job change over the decades, but not Idaho. Nope. We have had one job that has always been the most common. Wanna take a wild guess, good buddy? That's a big 10-4.

Back in 1978, truck driving was the most common job in Idaho and that's still the case today. It's not a surprise considering all of the open highway and the wild distances between many of our major cities. Plus, thanks to I-84, goods are transported to and fro across our backyard all the time.

Our neighboring states have interesting job histories, too. Washington state used to be the common home for secretaries. Now, it's software development. (Hello, Microsoft. Thanks for Windows 10, not.)

Montana used to have more farmers than anything, but now they've joined us on the highway to do some truck driving.

Nevada is its usual peculiar self. In the old days, being a pool boy was a common thing. Now, it's more likely that pool boy works at 7-11. Sigh.

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