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Idaho’s Favorite Star Wars Episode Is A Disappointment
This isn't like a 'disturbance in the force' kind of disturbing. This is the 'you had a bright future and you blew it' kind of disturbing. There are 8 Star Wars episodes to choose from and Idaho picked the worst of them all. This is beyond disturbing - this is disappointing.
Whistling Past the Killer Robots
The web sites aggregating science news are lately filled with stories about robots taking over the planet.  As a charter member of the Star Trek and Star Wars generations I’ve been raised on such fears and warnings.  Now the science fiction is taking a turn for reality as stories tell us in a decad…
Is This The Best Movie Plot Of All Time
Since I haven't seen the new Star Wars movie yet - over the weekend I was forced (get it the force...never mind) to go through my home catalog of movies. As I was doing that I realized a combination of all my movies and TV series boxed sets would make an amazing movie plot!

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