What a month this has been for fans of Star Wars. The Rise of Skywalker was just released in theaters and the final episode of the first season of the Mandalorian (awesome show, by the way) was also released on Disney+. So, now what? There isn't another Star Wars movie planned until 2022 and the Mandalorian isn't coming back until fall of 2020. There will no doubt be more Star Wars character based films coming to Disney+ considering the hit the Mandalorian has been. Maybe a series about the young Obi-Wan or some history on Jabba and his species? There are a ton of characters that deserve some focus, even if you didn't like the Solo movie.

Until any of that happens though, you can speculate and argue with your friends and family. You can also begin a new saga of your own with some awesome new Star Wars kitchen items. The good news with these items is you can go all out and make your kitchen look like it's from a galaxy far, far away or you can be basic and just get something you like. It will still make you feel cool.

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There are so many cool options for waffle makers. Your waffles could come out looking like a Death Star or Darth Vader. There are even options for Storm Trooper and Millennium Falcon.

This Death Star popcorn maker would look great on a counter in you kitchen.

How about some of the coolest ice cubes in the galaxy? You can get a variety of Star Wars shapes.

I love the idea of a toaster that toasts a special image into your bread and nothing would taste as good as toast with rebel and imperial logos.

Go ahead and choose the dark side but don't burn the cookies!

Speaking of burning things...your hands will stay safe with a little help from R2-D2.

This one is a little more subtle, but the hand blender actually looks like a light saber hilt.

This is the slow cooker you are looking for.

If you need a fancy coffee press then this R2 unit might be the best looking caffeine dispenser this side of Hoth.

Sometimes the Star Wars items are cute and make a great table accent.

He was a bounty hunter and apparently makes great pizza cuts too. Boba Fett in the kitchen watching your back and keeping ruffians from stealing slices of pizza sounds like a good idea.

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