On Monday, the world celebrated a beacon of light in our otherwise dreary pandemic world with Star Wars Day. And if not the entire world, at least a bunch of nerds in their parents' basements celebrated. I know I celebrated and I don't live with my parents anymore. There really used to be a stigma that if you liked Star Wars it made you some kind of childish dork. Now, it is worn as a badge of cool and more widely accepted to admit in public that you like Star Wars. FYI - if you like Star Trek you are still a nerd.

Now that Star Wars Day is over, a new debate continues across the galaxy as individuals debate whether the follow up holiday should be celebrated as Revenge of the Fifth (May 5th) or Revenge of the Sixth (May 6th) as a reference to the Star Wars movie Revenge of the Sith. To me, the answer is obvious. It has to be Revenge of the Sixth and not just because the word 'sixth' looks more like 'sith'. The fifth is already taken by the Cinco de Mayo, which this year also coincides with Taco Tuesday, so you can't push another nerdfest holiday onto the 5th. Just enjoy your tacos and pretend you understand a small portion of Mexican history.

If you'd like to dwell on the dark side and attempt to prove me wrong about celebrating it as Revenge of the Fifth vs the Sixth, I'll gladly meet you in the parking lot for a light saber duel.

In the meantime enjoy a few star wars videos, or all the star wars movies at once in this brilliant clip on YouTube. I only made it a few minutes in before I couldn't handle it anymore.

You can also relive one of my favorite voice-swap movie trailers for The Force Awakens.

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