Christmas Stress
Christmas is a wonderful time of year. For a lot of us it means getting together with family, celebrating Jesus's Birthday, enjoying our children, and slowing our lives down a little.
Top 10 Things We Worry About
We all worry about things. It's human nature but do you worry that you worry too much? Wrap your head around that one. What a vicious cycle...
Is Your Job Too Stressful?
When I think of stressful jobs I think of surgeons, lineman, police officers, and fireman... not broadcasters. According to a new study, "Broadcaster" is the seventh most stressful job you can have.
Is Christmas Stressful?
I finished my Christmas shopping over the weekend and I thought I would feel relieved. But I didn't! A recent study found that Christmas time should actually lower your blood pressure!
Idahoans Stressed About Finances Again
Just last fall, Idahoans  were feeling better about their personal finances. Now they're starting to worry  again about how they'll pay off their debts. A new Associated Press-GfK poll says that nearly half the country is experiencing debt stress, which is up 17 percent from…