Christmas is a wonderful time of year. For a lot of us it means getting together with family, celebrating Jesus's Birthday, enjoying our children, and slowing our lives down a little. 

No matter what you celebrate in December most of us try to slow things down and enjoy our loved ones.

The build up to that "slow down" can be stressful. I have found myself redecorating rooms, painting, excessively shopping and driving myself crazy just because I'm hosting Christmas.

If you are hosting any part of the holiday season it can be stressful! And on top of the hosting stress comes the fact that you doubled your Christmas budget to make your kids happy. Ugh!

With ALL the holiday stress I am beginning to wonder what makes us the most stressed. If I could cut out the most stressful thing about the holidays I might enjoy them more. So you tell me...what is the most stressful thing about Christmas?