Everybody loves tax time! Right? Isn't it great that every year in April we are reminded of how much money the government is taking from us. At least in Idaho we aren't the highest taxed state, but if your current taxation status is too much for you there is an option. You can move.

Idaho is ranked in the top ten states in taxation by local government (since Federal taxes are the same in all states) according to Bloomberg. Idaho has an average tax rate of just under 7% which is actually better than how much we are taxed overall including property and sales tax.

Though it's not all bad news...if you are poor. Idaho has one of the highest tax gaps between the rich and poor and highest tax rate for the top 0.1%. So if you are rich you have better options if you are willing to move since both Utah and Colorado have significantly lower tax rates for the rich. Though your best bet is living in Alabama because their taxes on the rich are actually lower than the taxes on the poor. I think Robin Hood needs to head over there and do his job.

Also you could go the route of states that have no state taxes like Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming to bypass the money grabbing.

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