He Takes My Gun Away
A red state
Looking too God and fun
When he walks into a room
Carryin’ a long gun
Man, he makes me feel
Like a bullet that’s off to the moon - 
With thanks to Eddie Money
It certainly wasn’t FDR pronouncing, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself…
III% Idaho Protests Refugee Resettlement
Three percent Idaho rallied in opposition to the refugee resettlement program and marched the perimeter of the College of Southern Idaho Sunday, October 18, 2015.  Demonstrators gathered in a parking lot near WinCo and then marched down Blue Lakes Boulevard, taking a long pause at the intersect…
Commentary: Yes, Islamic Terrorism is Pathology
A leftist blogger this week accused me of being an ultra-nationalist.  Does he mean American patriot?  He’s ticked off because I made reference to “pathology” when talking about Islamic terrorism.  Is he suggesting something noble about knif…
Commentary: New Respect for Governor Otter
A great many conservatives and conservative Republicans in Idaho often tell me they’re greatly disappointed in their elected leaders, however.  While I may not always agree 100 percent of the time (and who does?) with our most politically powerful Republicans I’v…
Commentary: Fears From Islamic Idaho
The late Mario Cuomo apparently never told his children self-abuse would rot their brains.  Example number one is the latest statement from a younger son employed by the Clinton News Network (CNN).  You can see what I’m talking about at this link...
Legal process keeps Assange free for now.
Is he a modern terrorist? Will the United States Prosecute him as a war criminal? Right now he is protected, but for how long?
LONDON – WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange remains free while his website spews daily embarrassment and potential diplomatic damage to the United States, his liberty pr…