A red state

Looking too God and fun

When he walks into a room

Carryin’ a long gun

Man, he makes me feel

Like a bullet that’s off to the moon - 

With thanks to Eddie Money

America is ready for battle.
America is ready for battle.

It certainly wasn’t FDR pronouncing, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself!”  Surely it didn’t rise to the level of day of infamy or Reagan’s oration following the Shuttle Challenger disaster.  As Presidential speeches go it wasn’t terrible but these times demand more than fair-to-middling.  I’m sure the Morning Joe crowd is heaping praise today on Barack Obama and making comparisons to Cicero.  It’s the role of sycophants.

The President finally admits there is at least a strain of violent Islam and it needs to be tamed, however.  Like George Bush he insists we aren’t at war with Islam.  Then who are we warring against?  The belief continues cultures can be blended.  Over at the Environmental Protection Agency they don’t share that view.  It’s why certain species are banned from entering some American eco-systems.    It appears the only way to integrate Islam into the United States of America is to ask the followers to water down their faith or wear the label but scrap the practice.  In other words do what post-Christian American elites do, worship government!  Never mind it isn’t right to ask people to surrender their religion at the border.

We can stop some domestic terrorism if we stop Muslim immigration.  We can stop most terrorism by adopting the North Korean model of government.  Any takers?  We can’t stop all terrorism under our current system because there are some people who’ll always have grievances.  We can limit terrorism by limiting the number of people who have grudges.  And right now a great many Muslims are carrying chips on their shoulders.  Really, does the United States need to have an affirmative action approach to immigration and refugee resettlement?

As for a violent backlash against Muslims in America I see no evidence of any general campaign.  Even the bitter clinging Christians in flyover country aren’t gathering on village greens in an effort to wipe away any threat or perceived threat.  Of course the bitter clingers are buying more firearms but these apparently are for self-defense.  On Sunday night Mr. Obama also demanded gun confiscation.  Not in so many words but there are some dangerous and mostly ill-defined people with firearms and he’d like to seize those pistols, rifles and shotguns.  How is the effort working in major cities where stolen firearms and gun violence are epidemic?  These firearms weren’t purchased at suburban gun shows in an alley from a dealer’s trunk.  They were stolen during break-ins by criminals and no law deterred them.  In the President’s hometown this criminal filth now preys on a defenseless public.

We hear Barack Obama and his minions prattle on about threats from assault weapons.  By definition my fist is an assault weapon if I thrust it into your face.  Listen to columnist George Will explain on Fox News Sunday that so-called assault weapons aren’t machine guns.  Will is cleaning up the muddled waters of left-wing rhetoric.  The link to the show is provided here.

Finally, this notion liberals argue about “sensible gun legislation” is a battle they know they can’t win.  What they desire would cause a bloodbath and the American left apparently has little more than tennis rackets, softball bats and gravel for its own defense. Where I live most law enforcers are avid sportsmen and collectors and wouldn’t cooperate with any such half-baked scheme as confiscation.  And if a liberal posse did appear in the sagebrush a so-called assault rifle would make quick dispatch of the coastal elites fumbling with their saddles.

In our modern hyper-sensitive politically correct universe I need to qualify the last statement by explaining it’s not a recommendation.  The left needs to understand wishing wells are fiction and just because you desire doesn’t mean it becomes reality.  The left can’t be so gold danged dumb that it doesn’t realize you can’t quietly snatch the soon to be 400 million firearms in private hands.  No, this is about political martyrdom.  Since you can’t disarm a law-abiding American public and a law-breaking American public you can always wave the bloody shirt on Election Day.  It’s a cynical ploy to rally the base.  Meanwhile the real threat, the one posed by Islam, will continue to be ignored.

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