A great many conservatives and conservative Republicans in Idaho often tell me they’re greatly disappointed in their elected leaders, however.  While I may not always agree 100 percent of the time (and who does?) with our most politically powerful Republicans I’ve gained quite a bit of respect for Governor C.L. “Butch” Otter.  The Governor in the past has told us on the show about his plans to protect military recruiting offices in the state.  I believe only four of his counterparts nationwide made the same decision following the Tennessee shootings by an angry young terrorist.

The Governor makes public safety a priority. Courtesy, Idaho State Media Center.
The Governor makes public safety a priority. Courtesy, Idaho State Media Center.

Today on our show Governor Otter explained he was weary of Washington’s claims that individual states can protect sage grouse without the Interior Department getting involved.  He explained the federal government isn’t completely upfront about its plans.

I’m also giving the Governor high marks for his approach to refugee resettlement.  Let’s be clear, much of the current public opposition isn’t nativism.  We like many of our refugee and immigrant neighbors.  We just want to make sure we aren’t importing any Islamic State warriors to the Magic Valley.  Presidential candidate and Ohio Governor John Kasich feels the same way.  I’ve new appreciation for Kasich who also happens to be a close friend of “Butch” Otter.  Today on Top Story on Newsradio 1310 KLIX the Governor made it clear he agrees with Kasich and the likely large majority of Idaho constituents.  You can click here for Governor Otter’s remarks.

Keep in mind the Governor doesn’t have to seek favor from anyone.  It’s not likely he has any plans to ever seek office again.  He has the liberty to speak his mind.

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