The late Mario Cuomo apparently never told his children self-abuse would rot their brains.  Example number one is the latest statement from a younger son employed by the Clinton News Network (CNN).  You can see what I’m talking about at this link.  Cuomo is attacking Pamela Geller, the organizer of the Prophet Muhammed cartoon contest nearly turned massacre over the weekend by Islamic criminals.  The slow-witted Cuomo recently challenged a pastor on-air by claiming our constitutional rights didn’t come from God but from government.  Is Cuomo just plain stupid and advanced through life by family connections?  Possibly, but I think there is a better explanation.  The sinister forces in American media working in collusion with fellow travelers in academia and the White House are trying to convince you Big Brother demands your undivided allegiance.  When you consider civics education has been shelved for at least two if not three generations you get a better picture of the overall and nefarious plot.

Cuomo isn’t alone.  The effeminates at the New York Times are making the same claim, although.  When Christianity is mocked the pantywaists at the Times have applauded the blasphemy.  As evidenced by this link.

Creeping Islam in the USA, Courtesy, Getty Images & KLIX Library

What really is afoot here?  Do American liberals believe through appeasing radical Islam they’ll create a more just and enlightened culture?  Hardly!  The left is looking to destroy culture through a tried and true approach from the days of the Frankfurt School all the way down to its American Alinskyite adherents.  Once complete Lefty believes the Islamic numbers will be small enough to control or be destroyed.  It’s the same logic applied by German industrialists during the early 1930s who backed the rise of the Nazi Party.

Geller’s response to the appeasement is Churchill like in its bluntness.  Writing at TIME she reminds decent people everywhere we’re at war.  On this very day in my adopted Idaho a kindred spirit is speaking of the threat.  Brigitte Gabriel couldn’t offer many location details in advance because the Islamic Horde is looking to also kill her.  Gabriel appeared on my show last week and made it clear Islam and Western Civilization aren’t compatible.  Two very heroic women and unfortunately a great many men in media unwilling to protect them.  Chivalry is long dead.  Talk about a war on women!

Not all is lost.  A small newspaper in New Hampshire is making it clear here there are great principles and causes for which it’s worth fighting.  While not exactly making a full throated personal defense of Geller at least it’s a voice of reason and not bowing to some notion of political correctness.  I, for one, am sick of Lefty telling me how to behave and what to think.  They would rather sacrifice our country and lives in pursuit of ensuring some totalitarian and illiterate terrorist somewhere doesn’t somehow have his feelings hurt.  My father’s generation wouldn’t have thought twice about a reply.  They would’ve slapped someone into next week.

Lately this is of most serious concern for me.  Having called the Snake River Plain my home for less than six months I’m shocked the federal government and a local college are planning to resettle perhaps thousands of Syrian Muslims in the area.  More shocked it has already been underway for a couple of months before there was a public announcement.  Enraged there is no forum whatsoever for my neighbors to get a hearing and some answers about the newcomers, mainly.  Who are these people?  In my own humble way I’m attempting to draw out a response.  You can hear the effort and public reaction here and here.  Why aren’t more people demanding accountability from government?  Why the tin ears from elected politicians?  Why the abandonment of culture and our fellow Americans?  I’m searching for a few courageous voices.  It may be a lengthy wait.