A leftist blogger this week accused me of being an ultra-nationalist.  Does he mean American patriot?  He’s ticked off because I made reference to “pathology” when talking about Islamic terrorism.  Is he suggesting something noble about knifing Israeli schoolchildren, blowing up marathon routes and burning people in cages?  I think we can read a great deal about this pathology by following current events.  Middle East Forum is tracking what it describes as sadism among Palestinians (and ISIS gets a mention as well) and how it has become, well, a pathology.  You can see the essay by clicking on this link.  If you actually are among the people who read beyond the first two paragraphs you’ll see a link well down the page which leads to a story about a Hamas video praising the killing of Jews as a form of worship.  If you didn’t make it quite that far then I’ve provided the link here.

Jerusalem, Getty Images.
Jerusalem, Getty Images.

If you haven’t been following the latest Palestinian uprising or just had a few sources in mainstream American media you’d get the impression Israel provoked the madness, except.  A great expose revealed this past week the Israeli government is simply responding to a series of unprovoked attacks on civilians like the one that took the lives of a young couple in their car.  Their children were unharmed.  Apparently the pathogens didn’t realize there were smaller targets in the backseat.

Speaking of pathogens, there was a twenty year anniversary celebration of the Million Man March in Washington last week.  The original it’s estimated attracted only 80-thousand but organizers at Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam are touchy about the subject.  Last Saturday’s revival didn’t break any records.  Among the talking pathogens speaking to the small crowd was the Reverend Mr. Jeremiah Wright.  You may remember him as the screaming, frothing-at-the-mouth, racist who pastored Barack Obama’s former church in Chicago.  Wright denounced Jews, called Israel an apartheid state and claimed Jesus was a Palestinian.  Strange, the Gospels indicate He was Jewish but I don’t believe ole Jeremiah ever let the Bible get in the way of his political invective.

Today there is a warning about the spread of pathology and it’s coming from Trevor Loudon’s New Zeal Blog.  Loudon is a nationalist (patriot) politician from New Zealand who travels the English speaking world warning of danger.  You can see the latest alarm at this link.

I also couldn’t let you go without sharing two more links.  James Robbins is a long time conservative writer for some of America’s leading publications and shares here the story of an Islamic religious leader who believes Coca-Cola spelled backward in Arabic defames the prophet and the faith.  Being fair the imam also has issues with Pepsi.  Pathological?  Lunacy?  Anyone for a malformed culture?

As my current city is being overrun by Islamic refugees I also leave you with this horrid tale from Asia Times.  Young women being killed by family because they were once already victimized by a rapist.  The sick, twisted, satanic culture devising such forms of justice has no place in Europe, the Americas and let’s really be honest, the entire world.  If men were still dragging captives to the tops of Mayan pyramids and ripping open the chests of living beings so as to tear their beating hearts from their bodies so the local priest could dine early then the militaries of the world would descend without malice to bring an end to barbarism.  Also, check out the graphs detailing the rape statistics as the Islamic populations explode in once sleepy western countries.

We’re dealing with a pathological deviancy on a scale not seen since World War Two.  The next time some lily-livered pantywaist on the left alleges you aren’t compassionate, are a bigot and a racist you should offer to buy him a plane ticket to Syria.  Then he can commune with his oppressed buddies and perhaps provide them with kindling before dinner.  Would you call it a win-win?

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