This likely hasn’t changed.  One of the guys here at the office wrote a story one year ago about Idaho’s favorite Christmas candy.  It happened to be M&M’s.  Good choice.  They’re sold in red and green this time of year, colors that appear to have become associated with the holiday.  Remember the story 20 years ago about the school that banned green and red napkins in December?  That’s the priority of administrators when kids can’t find their state on a map!

M&M’s have a history.  The military was looking to provide candy to the troops that could be used as a quick energy hit.  The coating was ideal for all the climates and topography that housed the conflict.

Wyoming is one of those states that share our love of Christmas M&M’s.  Those whack jobs in Montana like Reese’s Pieces.  Oregon likes candy canes.  Those people are seriously messed up!

I’ve rare praise for Californians.  They like peanut butter cups, but then, so do Texas, Arizona, and Colorado.  Utah is one of several states where they like Hershey’s Kisses.

I don’t understand the Midwestern states where they like peppermint chocolate.  And they like Starburst in Hawaii.  They also believe SPAM is a delicacy.

I should note that it’s possible I’m not the best judge of candy.  At Halloween, I like Circus Peanuts and candy corn.  Or I did.  Candy isn’t on the menu any longer as I detox from both sugar and salt.  But I won’t stop you from making bad choices at the candy store.

Photo by Christopher Ott on Unsplash

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